Susi Homemaker


Its not easy to keep a boat clean without the appropriate deckhands. The French bread is extremely crumbly and there is always a lot of dust blowing in. I usually choose short-sightedness, but this only works for so long, and Pamela lend me her vacuum which I think was a bit of a hint. 


So off on our small wobbly boat bicycles we went to the 3 km distant intermarché.

Cycling back to the marina was quite the circus trick, having a small vacuum cleaner and a fan strapped to one bike, while the other one was adorned with my fully stacked backpack with other essentials.


After such a balancing act in 30+ degrees heat, and having previously consumed a beautiful lunch at "Le Saint Père", I was caught out making orgasmic noises in front of the new fan!

Unable to regain strength to use the new cleaner we then retired to the marina's picnic table under a shady tree and consumed a cold and mainly fluid dinner with Pam and Angus. 

This morning, still being very hot, we decided on a rest day. We did however drag ourselves to the local market buying our supplies of salad items, veggies, fruit and meat. 

As there are a lot of "Bumper-boats" around, we will try to leave tomorrow after they are out of sight. Bumper boats are hire boats - all boat owner's nightmares, as they are not always as expertly navigated as by our crew last year and tend to bump into you whilst together in the lock. 

 Photos: Canal Art at Lock 87.

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