We are on the move!!!

Finally we are on the move again! The water level on the quay wall receded by another two bricks and the Mosel’s current calmed down enough for the commercial traffic to resume and for us to set off.

At the ungodly hour of 4.45 am we had delivered John to his train heading towards Paris for his flight back to Australia. 

If nothing else, we had introduced John to a new sport: “Watching The Bricks”. I don’t know if it quite replaced the game of golf for him!?

So a day later we were able to say farewell to "our wall" in Wasserbillig and to head for the river Saar. 

After experiencing the Mosel in flood, the Saar seemed very tame and we progressed quicker than expected against the 2km/h flow. We slid into the first Saar locks of 12 to 14m depth and discovered to our delight that there were floating bollards on the right bank side! For the non-boaties: Once you get your rope on a floating bollard, you can tie up and don’t have to do a thing but enjoy the ride! Yeah!

After 2 hours of cruising we found a nice quiet mooring below a small building harbour of Saarburg. Two days ago we visited this well known medieval town by train, to give John an idea of what he was missing out on (haha). Unfortunately we didn’t make it to the bell foundry, which Austin and I loved on our first visit 2 years ago.  

This time I wasn’t going to leave without buying one of their bronze bells. After all, what is a boat without a ships bell!  Austin would have preferred a little “service bell” so he could ring for his coffee or breakfast.

What a dreamer!!

We had a quiet night on the side of the canal. The only other boats were moored in the small harbour on the opposite side. When we woke up the next morning the Freshwater was surrounded by local fishermen, no doubt waiting for us to drop some “berley”. 

© Austin Robinson 2019