More fun in Toul

We finally did have another jam session. Unfortunately our master electric guitarist, Perry, had already set sail. 

But Jan and Bill gathered Lucy, Max, Tex, Anthea, Austin and me on their boat “La Bonne Vie” ,and after a few G&Ts and glasses of red the rhythm and blues were flowing. Austin and Tex strummed the guitars and everyone else sang along to old favourites.

As much fun as we have at the Port de France, we also have our daily chores. There is always shopping to be done, largely by foot and at a variety of shops like the much revered “Leclerc”, the well stocked “Intermarché” and “Cora” or at Eva, Jan and Bills favourite shopping haunt: “Lidl”.

The Saturday Farmer’s Market is only small but has an excellent charcuterie stand with delicious smoked Fillet Mignon and Paté de Viande.

When the wind is blowing strongly, like it was over the last 2 days, it’s washing day. Colourful clothes can be seen flapping in the breeze like  strings of buntings on most of the boats.

Austin of course gets all the fun. Yesterday he had to unblock and clean the bilge pump, an urgent job because if we would have indulged in a very long shower, we could have sunk the boat! The water just kept on pooling on the shower floor. 

Austin wished for a gas mask for this job - the smell was horrendous! 

In the early mornings we love to walk around the ancient ramparts with it’s large gateways, casemate structures and ventilation chimneys or stroll through the deserted lanes of the inner city at night. 

One of our favourite places is the Cathedral St. Etienne. Although the 200 year old building is a little weathered it still is magnificent.

Very soon we will have the ports very first rock band. Bill is currently learning the guitar too. Austin is giving him a few pointers while Jan and I practise with spoons and glasses (after emptying them!).

© Austin Robinson 2019