Gennep & Ravenstein

Currently the Freshwater is being tossed around by extremely strong winds, and as we are also “parked in” by a brand-new boat we think it is safer to stay put. There is a surf going on the Maas - waves with whitecaps! The massive commercial barges of course glide by unperturbed but we haven’t seen any sport boats on the water today.This gives us the chance for a little “house keeping”.

Yesterday in Gennep we stayed in one of those side lakes of the river and it was very calm and peaceful. The small water- sport club provided electricity and bikes for trips to town. 

Gennep was the site of fierce battles at the end of WWII and from the former gothic Martins Church only the tower remained. Interesting is that in the 16th century Catholics and Protestants celebrated combined church services in Gennep.

The most impressive building is the renaissance town hall. Nearby people were virtually spread out on chairs. That’s exactly how we felt when we finally sat down for our Koffie Verkeerd after walking all around the old town wall and surrounds. "Koffie verkeerd", for the uninitiated, means "wrong coffee", and is basically a weak flat white.

The following morning we powered on to Ravenstein. Again we were greeted by a very friendly volunteer havenmeester, a former professor of linguistic who speaks 15 languages. So no problems with communication!

Walking through the quaint cobblestone streets we noticed a backpack dangling from a flagpole on one of the residential houses. We had seen the same a couple of t