Senseless in St. Jean

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We are still senseless and sensor-less in St. Jean! (No rudder position sensor - see previous blog entry)

So always keen to amuse, Austin and his long lost “brother” Angus donned their flat hats and posed for photos. France has seldom seen two more bonny laddies.


A small bird loosing flight control in the very strong wind almost joined in with a flat” head” of its own. It smashed against the side of our boat and nosedived right into the water. Lucky that Austin was close by! He scooped the wet bird right out of the water, wrapped it into a tea towel. Sitting on the captain’s chair in the sunshine, it soon dried off and resumed its flight.

In the meantime we are all finding more reasons to stay put: waiting for parts, for friends to arrive, for fair winds (forgetting the fact that we are not dealing with sailboats) or for another day when we haven’t slept in, and things are getting very silly here.

So this is the way we are amusing ourselves: With the After Dinner Mint Game or "how to transport a mint from the forehead to the mouth via use of facial muscles". The best weightloss programme ever!!!


It was Jan’s idea, of course! And you could tell that she has had plenty of practise.

Check out the concentration, perfect head-tilt and schooled muscle control - and this after some G & Ts, a champagne and a few glasses of red.


A bit of tongue -in-cheek!

We all had a go, but nearly killed ourselves doing it.

See video below:

The Dinner Mint Game

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